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About Omsk

Omsk is the principal city and administrative center of Omsk region. It is situated in the center of Russia (2,555 km from Moscow) at the confluence of the rivers Irtysh and Om.

Founded in 1716 as the fortress protecting Russian frontier in Siberia, Omsk acquired the town status 1782. It had been the administrative center of Siberian Cossack Army until 1918. The construction of Trans-Siberian Railway in the late 19th century and the presence of the river port on the Irtysh contributed to the development of industrial production and comerce in Omsk. From June 1918 to November 1919 the town of Omsk was the residence of admiral A.V. Kolchak, the High Regent of Russia, who proclaimed Omsk the capital of Siberia.

During World War II (1939-1945) a lot of major industrial enterprises were evacuated from European part of Russia. It was the time when Omsk population nearly tripled. Present day Omsk is the home for about 1,200,000 citizens. 2,200,000 people live in Omsk region on the territory of 139,700 square kilometers (enough room to accommodate such countries as Austria, Belgium and Netherlands).

There are a lot of freshwater lakes and salines in Omsk region. In the south the prevailing is wooded steppe, in the north — dark-coniferous taiga. Oil is extracted in the northern part of the region.

The multinational population (more than 100 nationalities) of Omsk region consists mainly of Russians, Germans, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Tatars.

The present day Omsk is one of the major industrial centers of Siberia. The most developed industries here are machine-building, machine-tools manufacture, electrical engineering and electronics, instrument-making, petrochemistry, woodworking and foodstuffs production. Space rockets, engines, agricultural machinery, oil and gas equipment, construction materials are also manufactured in Omsk. Omsk-based railway facilities: locomotive and wagon depots, power supply and railway traffic management enterprises are considered the best in Russia in terms of equipping and work efficiency.

30 higher educational institutions and branches are situated in Omsk. The most well-known of them in on the national level are Omsk State Transport University, the University of Engineering, the State University, the Pedagogic University, the Road-Transport Academy, the University of Physical Culture, the Academy of Law and the Medical Academy. Omsk is by right called the city of youth and students. Actually, each of four citizens is a student.

The city of Omsk is a cultural and sports center of Siberia. Its history is connected with the names of F.M. Dostoyevsky, the great Russian writer; M.A Vrubel, the famous artist. Omsk Symphony Orchestra and Omsk State Russian Folk Choir are very well-known both in Russia and abroad. Omsk Avangard, the ice hockey team, is 2004 Champion of Russia.

There are a lot of landmarks in the city — historical, cultural and architectural monuments, theaters, museums, concert halls, a circus, exhibitions, sports complexes, swimming-pools, discotheques, cafes and restaurants.

The people of Omsk are friendly and hospitable. You will always find a ready welcome in our Siberian land, the glorious city of Omsk!


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