The tuition fees for master’s programs range from 190 000 to 220 000 rubles per academic year. The academic year lasts 10 months: from September, 1st to June, 30th. Master’s programs last for 2 academic years.

Educational programs Code
Information Systems and Technologies: Information systems development technologies 09.04.02
Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems: Systems and devices for data transfer 11.04.02
Heat-Power Engineering and Heating Engineering: Optimization of fuel usage and heating 13.04.01
Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering: Power system automation 13.04.02
Engineering and Technological Support for Machinery Productions: Mechanical engineering technology 15.04.05
Transport Process Technology: Logistics in multimodal transport systems 23.04.01
Transport Process Technology: Economics and control in transport complexes 23.04.01
Ground Transport and Technological Complexes: Autonomous railway rolling stock 23.04.02
Ground Transport and Technological Complexes: Railway cars 23.04.02
Management in Engineering Systems: Computer modelling, systems for information processing and management 27.04.04
Innovation Management 27.04.05
Economics: Economics of the enterprise 38.04.01
Management: Corporate management 38.04.02
Finance and credit: Finances 38.04.08