Since 2000 over 60 Mongolian specialists, masters and postgraduates have graduated from OSTU and are now working at Ulanbaatar Railway, Ministry of Road Development and Transport, Institute of Transport and private enterprises.


Mongolian students, 2014

Пурэвдорж Тайванбаяр.jpg The first Mongolian student of OSTU — Purevdorj Taivanbayar, graduate of the "Locomotives" educational program from 2005.
He began working at the Sükhbaatar locomotive depot and is currently a senior technician at the locomotive depot in Darkhan.

Тунгалаг Тайван 12.jpg Тунгалаг Тайван 2.jpg
Tungalag Taivan, graduate of the "Locomotives" educational program from 2009.
He began working at the Ulanbaatar locomotive depot and is currently head of the Sükhbaatar  locomotive depot. "I wish the students and graduates of OSTU to always hold the name of their university high".

Altangerel Enkh-Amgalan, graduate of the "Electric railway transport" educational program from 2013, currently working as an expert engineer at the Ulanbaatar locomotive depot, while preparing a candidate’s dissertation under the guidance of professor Vasiliy Cheremisin.

Baatar Ider, graduate of the the “Locomotives” educational program from 2014, also got a second diploma in the educational program "Economics and company management".
He is currently a specialist in rolling stock at the Department of regulating railway and sea transport policies within the Ministry of Road and Transport of Mongolia:
“I’d like to tell all applicants, who are planning to study in OSTU the following:
— OSTU is one of the oldest universities in Russia, it has qualified teaching staff and laboratories equipped with modern facilities
— Omsk is a quiet city, the dormitories are convenient and each room accommodates 2-3 students
— The university provides social support for its students, including stipend that increases depending on the academic performance, welfare assistance, Presidential scholarship, Russian Railway scholarship, discount tours to the Black Sea, foreign education programs, etc. By this I meant to say that as long as the student is active and hard-working, the university will always be ready to provide any support. I am grateful to the administration, teachers and the university’s union for the support they have provided to me in all my endeavors. So work hard, study well, and everything else will work out excellent too”.

Дам Динь Хай 12.jpg Дам Динь Хай 22.jpg
Dam Dinh Hai, graduate of the "Tourism" educational program from 2017, and is currently a manager of the ZEPHYR hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. On the right photo he is standing together with the "Helicopters of Russia" team.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


Ryu Myong Jong, Jo Jong Chol, Han Ryong Il, Ri Hung Sop, Kim Chi Bok, Kim Chol Nam and Kim Yong Nam were the graduate students in 2005, now candidates of technical sciences. Together with them standing is the head of the Russian and foreign languages department — Tatyana Arkadyevna Novikova.


An Song Ho, Kim Un Chol, Ri Kwang Su, Yun Tae Chol, Jang Kyong Il, Pak Jong Chol, Jang Myong Sam, Kim Song Hun, Choe Chun Il, Kim Chol Jin, Kang Yong Jin, Kim Kwang Jin are the graduates of the "Locomotives", "Railway carriages", "Railway rolling stock power supply", "Electric railway rolling stock", "Automatics, telemechanics and communications on railway transport" and "Control and informatics in technical systems" together with the rector of Pyohgyang railway institute Den Ril and a head of the DPRK Railway Ministry Park Dae-gi.


OSTU Alumni from DPRK in 2020

Hello, I am Tamara from Germany and I participated in the summer language school at the Omsk State Transport University. It was my first time, but surely not the last time that I visited Russia. The staff at the university is always ready to help in different kind of matters and helps one to get oriented around Omsk. I was allowed to learn much about the diversity of different cultures through multicultural encounters and conversations.
Rector of OSTU S. M. Ovcharenko awards Tamara Bolz with a certificate of Summer School graduation

As much as I find the Russian language beautiful, I find it challenging. I am looking forward to use my language competence more often in future and hope to enhance them.