Memorial sign «in commemoration of the 210th anniversary of the transport department and transport education»

The staff of the Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education «Omsk State Transport University» was awarded a commemorative badge «In commemoration of the 210th anniversary of the transport Department and transport education».


Commemorative badge from the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Evgeny Ditrich is awarded to those who:

  • have made significant contributions to the development and sustainable operation of the transport complex of Russian Federation,
  • those who have participated in the development and improvement of transport education and scientific labor collectives of organizations of road, inland waterway, air, urban land-electric (including rapid transit), rail, Maritime (including seaports), industrial transport, road facilities,
  • to the organizations for the development of the state border, educational institutions and other organizations, from the foundation of which no less than 15 years has passed.

In 2019, the Ministry of transport celebrated 210 years since the foundation of the unified transport department and transport education of Russia. Historically, the roots of this holiday go back to 1809, when on November 20 (December 2, by the Gregorian calendar) the Manifesto of Emperor Alexander I established the First unified transport management body in the history of our country — the Department of water and land communications, and also opened the first branch transport educational institution — the corps of railway engineers and the Institute attached to it (now the St. Petersburg University of Railways of Emperor Alexander I).

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