Mongolian student from OSTU – a prizewinner of the chess tournament

On March 15-16, the Omsk city chess club hosted an Inter-university chess tournament. OSTU student  Jargalsaikhan Otgonjargal took second place. We present a short interview with the prize-winner at the end of the competition:

— Otgonjargal, tell us about the chess tournament in which you participated. What are your impressions of the event? Where did the tournament take place, who did you meet there, and how long did the competition last?

— The competition was held in the chess club. There were many students who study at different universities. One game lasted for an hour. 

— What kind of competitors did you meet in this competition? Which one of them has made the biggest impression?

— One of the participants watched all my games carefully, and I played the last game with him. He made a single mistake and I won. After the game, he told me that he was planning our game. For example, I usually play the Sicilian Defense with black, and he planned a Queen's gambit against me. If I would have played white, he would have played the Indian defense. Almost all participants were masters of chess.

— Are you going to participate in the next competitions? Do you plan to take first place?

— Of course I'm preparing for the next competition. Every day I play chess, solve problems, watch practice matches, and learn how to make an opening and endgame correctly. This helps me play better than I did yesterday. In 2018, my top rating was 1955. This means that I can become a candidate master of sports in chess.



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