Initial single-entry visa is given to you by a Russian embassy/consulate in your country of residence. The visa is valid for 90 days only. It allows you to enter Russia only once, so if you leave the country before getting a multiple-entry visa, you will not be allowed to enter Russia before receiving another single-entry visa. International students are recommended to apply for a multiple-entry visa at the International Department office 45 days before the date your single-entry visa expires.

Multiple-Entry visa replaces the single-entry visa and is issued for a year and is renewed annually for the duration of your studies. We recommend to apply for renewal of your multiple-entry visa at the International Department 45 days before the expiration date.

In order to apply for visa, you need:

  1. A scan/copy of the passport. Make sure your passport has at least 18 months of validity left after your single-entry visa starts (As per Ministry of Internal Affairs order №735 from September 21st, 2017).
  2. An invitation for education purposes.
  3. A filled-out visa application form with an attached 3×4 cm photo.
  4. A signed copy of the education contract or, alternatively, a study offer from the Ministry of Education.

Registration: apply for registration at office 221 in the main building of OSTU within 24 hours from arrival. Present the following documents: your passport and your migration card.