Omsk State Transport University (OSTU) is one of the oldest educational institutions in Siberia.

The OSTU foundation is closely connected with the great Trans-Siberian Railway construction that created the demand for the qualified railway transport specialists.

Training of engineers for locomotive and passenger cars enterprises started in Tomsk in 1900. Starting from 1961 it continued in Omsk.

Today OSTU is a multi-disciplinary higher education institution providing training in a wide range of higher education study programs with the period of 4 years for obtaining Bachelor degree, 5 years — Specialist degree, 2 years — Master degree, 3-4 years — Postgraduate education. High quality of our graduates’ theoretical and professional training is achieved through the University teaching staff’s high level of scientific potential, modern training facilities, good accommodation conditions, catering, sports and recreation facilities for the students as well as scientific studies for industrial and transport enterprises carried out at the University. Due to all this OSTU holds the key position among Russian technical universities in the ranking of Russian Federation Ministry for Education and Science.
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Tomsk, 1900
Omsk, 2021