Starting from 2000 OSTU students have been carrying out their studies and introductory internships in their future profession at the universities and companies in Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and China. During their trips they also get the possibility to know more about cultural life and go sightseeing around the cities. Outgoing mobility helps students to improve themselves in different aspects and increases their career prospects.


OSTU student Alina Zavrazhina studying at TU Wien (Austria) together with other participants of the 4th DAAAM International Internship

Alina Zavrazhina: “During my study at the TU Wien I gained an incredible amount of knowledge, learned European methods of teaching students, raised my English and German skills to the new level, made friends with the people from around the world and visited the attractions of one of the most beautiful and majestic capitals of Europe”.


OSTU students in Prague (Czech Republic)


OSTU students visiting Siemens AG company in Braunschweig (Germany)

Evgenia Yakshina: “What is especially remembered after visiting Germany, and what are my strongest impressions about that? Perhaps, these are the students themselves – funny and energetic as everywhere, but so highly motivated. They know why they study and what it costs them. Therefore they know the value of their time and do not waste it. It’s a pity that many of us do not understand that our country gives us great education opportunities. But realization comes through comparison. Almost all European students speak two languages ​​– native and English. A lot of them also study Spanish, Chinese and ... sometimes Russian”. 


OSTU students at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt (Germany)


OSTU student Mariia Kuznetcova at the University of Trento (Italy)


OSTU PhD student Nadezhda Anisimkova at the Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)

Nadezhda Anisimkova: “Owing to the internship organized in the framework of Georgius Agricola scholarship program and the research done under Prof. Wismet’s supervision, I have completed a feature-length paper, which will be the starting point for further work on my dissertation. In Dresden I met outstanding scientists not only in the economic, but also in many other fields.

I believe that visiting art galleries in Europe, meeting people from all over the world with their traditions and customs was very important for my cultural development. German and English courses were also very useful for me.

My six months-stay and study in Europe encouraged me to create and work for the benefit of Russian society. I advise PhD students who want to go abroad for internship, do not to be afraid of asking professors, department staff and be open to everything useful and new.


OSTU student Alexei Kabanov at the University of Maribor (Slovenia)

Alexey Kabanov: “Participation in the Erasmus+ program gave me very good practice, that I will never forget, and new knowledge necessary for my scientific career and future work. I spent time in Slovenia with benefit and enjoyed working, meeting new people and getting to know another country. I believe that the thorough preparation and theoretical knowledge gained during this internship will help me succeed in my future endeavors. Having chosen the University of Maribor, I made an excellent choice. Slovenian people are very kind and friendly. People I met there were great, and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet them”.


OSTU students visiting CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Company – big Chinese railway rolling stock manufacturer (China)


A group of OSTU master students at Dalian Jiaotong University (China)

Vyacheslav Vinnik: “During my study at Dalian State Transport University, I found out more about new scientific and technical fields and learned a lot about previously unknown for me eastern culture. Being abroad expands horizons in human mind. China showed us different people, different culture, traditions, points of views, their attitude to foreigners, material values ​​and many others. It changed my mindset, I started thinking differently. I have a will to change something in myself to be successful. I think each of us felt a surge of motivation and some zeal. I am sure this unique experience will become a reliable foundation for my further growth not only as a professional, but also as personality”.


A joint group of OSTU and STU students at Beijing Jiaotong University (China)

Egor Avdienko: “Personally I can say that the trip was filled with wild emotions, I am still very impressed with everything. It was my first experience of travelling abroad in addition to accumulated professional knowledge indeed. And this trip gave me a very strong impetus; I realized that I can’t stand still. I should move forward  if I want to achieve something in my life”.

Sergei Khramov: “Of course, I really liked this trip. Not only professionally, but generally. After a trip abroad your horizons expand. You understand that somewhere there are people with different culture, different traditions and different mentality. And you realize that you need to look above your head, study hard and work on yourself in order to achieve success. Each of us felt a surge of motivation”.