The Alumni Association of our University today has become a reality - one of the many-sided facets of the university, which has a long history of its development. Being a structural unit of OSTU, it is based on voluntary membership and today unites more than 2,000 like-minded people.

The graduates, the members of the Association actually participate in the multi-faceted life of their alma mater, keeping in touch with fellow students, have a preferential right when entering graduate school, doctoral studies, using the library resources of the university, participating in various jubilee and thematic events held by the university, in facilitating education by their children and grandchildren, as well as the right to use information on the membership in the Alumni Association of OSTU in their activities and in advertising. The global experience of creating Alumni Associations demonstrates their growing importance in society, the creation of strong, long-lasting and mutually effective ties between former students and alma mater. When inviting to our community the graduates of various generations, those who carry the gratitude to their alma mater at heart, we inform you that in order to join the Alumni Association of OSTU, you need to send an application to a department's e-mail.

  • Department of Mechanics -

  • IATIT - Institute of Automation, Telecommunications and Information Technologies (Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Automation and Telemechanics) -

  • Department of Thermal Power Engineering -

  • Department of Electromechanics (Department of Electric Transport) -

  • CPMM - Institute of Management and Economics (SIBECO) -

  • Correspondence department -

In your message, please specify the following data:

  1. Last name, first name, middle name.

  2. Year of birth.

  3. Year of graduation.

  4. Specialty.

  5. Group.

  6. Place of work, position.

  7. Contact information: address, telephone, e-mail.

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The OSTU policy regarding the processing of personal data.