Starting from 2001 Omsk State Transport University (OSTU) was visited by international students’ delegations for an introductory internship — from Erfurt, ten times from TU Dresden, once from TU Wien and once from Korea National University of Transportation.

Regarding the experience obtained the main steps of arranging such internships and the typical agenda were developed at OSTU.

1. In response to the request of the partner university management regarding visit of their students to OSTU the Department of International Relations prepares an invitation. Then its scan-copy is sent via e-mail, whereas the original — via express-mail to the partner university. They are used then for submitting to the consulate of Russian Federation and subsequent visas processing. 


2. Persons in charge are appointed from OSTU Department of International Relations and the teaching staff. Regarding the preliminary agreed dates of the internship the desired places of interest are defined, the agenda is developed. Agenda includes a tour around OSTU including active training ground of railway equipment and laboratories, visiting railway enterprises, other Omsk universities, museums, theatres, concerts, sporting events, walking tour around the center of Omsk, thematic tours to Omsk surroundings — to Achair convent, the ostrich farm, and, eventually, meetings with OSTU students and visiting entertaining events (e.g. clubs, dance parties) with them. International students are housed in OSTU student residencies with a minimal accommodation fee.

A special part of the agenda is a traditionally held seminar in actual transport problems for students and doctorates. Since English is the most common language of international communication, it was chosen as the main language of the seminar. However presentations in other languages – Russian or German – are welcome as well. Traditionally, representatives of each country start from presenting their city, alma mater and faculty.


The leading OSTU experts give lectures about high-speed railways development, transportation security, environment, railway devices status for the seminar participants.


Not only OSTU students and trainees take part in these seminars but also students and doctorates from other Omsk universities. International students of OSTU and interns from China, Congo, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mongolia and Uzbekistan are also among the regular participants of the seminar. OSTU Department of International Relations engages volunteers from among OSTU students at all stages of carrying out the introductory internship. These are usually the participants of the international education programs, intending to go abroad for an internship or to study, as well as those willing to socialize with their foreign agemates.

The first part of each day of internship is generally arranged by the OSTU staff. Usually it is Department of International Relations and teaching staff of the chairs whose laboratories are included in the agenda. Vice-Rector for Internships and Industrial Training usually attends the delegations, especially while visiting railway enterprises. And the second half of the day with walking tours and entertaining events is commonly supported by the volunteering students.





3. The internship is followed up by the information published on OSTU web-site and in the newspaper “Transportnik”. Students of the Transport Faculty of TU Dresden are publishing their reviews in the journal of “Verkehrte Welt” (Transport World) and in the multi-copy newspaper of the University. 

Here are some of the TU Dresden students’ impressions shared with the “Transportnik” newspaper: 

«We were very heartily welcomed. We were helped to overcome distinctions between people of various cultures and nationalities. We got to know not only Omsk universities, but also how students spend their free time and how people live in your country. My knowledge of Russian language is improving gradually. I found new friends here, I fell in love with Russia and I will definitely come here again!»

Christoph Schönberger

«Siberia is wonderful. Here I met a lot of most pleasant people. Their hospitality is superior, and now big Russian heart and Russian greatheartedness are not just words for me. If I have a chance to come here one more time, I will do it with pleasure. And if I don’t, I will cherish these precious recollections for the rest of my life».

Stefan Szhwarzbach

Well-established arrangement of internships for international students in Omsk makes it possible to count on equally friendly reception of OSTU students at the foreign universities.

We are ready to arrange introductory internships for the students in Omsk from our partner universities of transport and other specialities.