Ring  Ivan Sergeevich
Chairman of the OSTU Students’ Union
Address: r. 100, OSTU main building, 35 Marksa pr., Omsk, Russia, 644046
Phone: +7(3812) 31-06-33
E-mail: pk_omgups@mail.ru
Mission and Objective

We are a student community embodiment for developing capability of problems self-analyzing, raising problems, finding ways and solutions of achieving personal goals, OSTU and Students’ Union’s objectives.


The Union is created and operates so as to improve our learning environment and living conditions, represent and protect the rights and interests of our union members, as well as the students’ group rights and interests.

Becoming a member of OSTU Students’ Union the student receives not only social protection, but also legal defense and the possibilities of self-realization and creative activity. The OSTU Students’ Union aspires to achieve high results through joint efforts in everybody’s interest!