A volunteer is more than a vocation!

More than a thousand volunteers have already joined the regional headquarters for countering coronavirus infection. OSTU volunteer center did not stand aside. Volunteers help pensioners who are currently at high risk.


«Today is the moment when everyone should help each other. No one should remain indifferent. Together with our guys and girls we take part in dozens of events throughout the year, performing completely different tasks. Now the whole country is taking part in one big event — mutual aid and saving human lives. What we are doing now is not a tribute to volunteering, but a spiritual impulse. Personally, I just can't stay indifferent. You can't even imagine how many words of gratitude we hear during these few hours, during which we fulfill the simple everyday requests of people who have it really very difficult without outside help» — Nikita Ilyukhin, a student of group 27B.

Volunteers go shopping for the elderly. Not only food is delivered to the house, but also medicine, personal hygiene products, and clothes. They pay for utilities, walk with their pets, and even provide psychological assistance.

You can get all the necessary information and ask for help from volunteers on the page of the Operational headquarters for the prevention of coronavirus infection.

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