Fighters of the invisible front

During the peak spread of coronavirus infection Omsk has become one of the islands of hope, sheltering sick people that came from the regions without enough resources to fight the disease.

In addition to doctors, volunteers were the life saviors in this difficult struggle — our guys and girls, putting aside fear and panic were selflessly helping the doctors.

In early May, several hundred shift workers from Yakutia, including our countrymen, were delivered to the city. Students of Omsk State Transport University started their watch.

Irina Ryazanova, Student Service group «Sunflowers», group 56-CH, «Customs affairs» describes her volunteer work: 

I worked in the observation facility, which was located at the sports and recreation center. We were three girls and had 39 male shift workers under our supervision. Our duties included disinfection of the residential floor, documentary registration of conducted measures, helping with the delivery of food containers.

During the work, they provided us with personal protective gear: protective suit, mask, gloves and goggles, antiseptics.



The working day started at 8 a.m. with breakfast, then there was a general cleaning — we washed the corridor, shower and the toilet (every day the cleaning duties among us rotated). In total, we carried out general cleaning 2 times a day and 4 times cleaning the bathroom and shower facilities. Then there was lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. After each meal, we collected disposable dishes and took them out in garbage bags.

Our duties included keeping a thermometry log — we measured the men's temperature 2 times a day. Within 14 days, shift workers were tested for COVID-19 2 times. Employees of the observation facility also took a test, regardless of working in a «dirty» or «clean» zone.

Kseniya Patrusheva, a Student conductor team «Wind of change», the cadet from Omsk Civil Aviation Technical College, currently OSTU applicant says: 

«Our observation facility was the hotel «Molodezhnaya». There were 8 people in total, 6 of them — volunteers of the student conductor team «Wind of Changes». The hotel staff called us «the volunteer brigade». The «brigade» also included Alexander Malyarova — vice commissar of the Student conductor team headquarters and a first-year volunteer of the SCT «Sapsan».


The men we helped worked at the Chayandinskoye field.

The first check-in took place on May 14 and, in my opinion, was the most difficult, despite the fact that only 80 people arrived. This experience is the first such experience for our volunteers, because at first we did not know how to manage the workflow and how to keep an eye on everything. Shift workers were nervous after a long trip, but we settled all the issues and began to prepare for the second check-in.

The second day of the check-in was more successful. This time 140 people came, but we already knew what to do, how to properly and quickly settle everyone in their rooms.

After a while, we got used to cleaning up the rooms quickly and the men helped us in this, maintaining cleanliness and order. In addition to cleaning, our duties included measuring the temperature in the morning and evening, distributing breakfast, lunch and dinner.



The hotel gave us Personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies daily. The observation lasted from May 14 to May 29. Some people may think that this is too long, but we had no time to be bored — in our free time we tried to brighten up our leisure with games, songs, and daily training sessions to keep ourselves in shape.

Many people wonder: «Why did we agree to work in this place? » Our answer is simple — in such a difficult time, we can`t be indifferent, each of us wanted to make a small contribution to solving such a global problem, and as a result — we did it!»


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