The 7th meeting of the RKKTU

From September 9 to September 20, the 7th meeting of the Russian-Kyrgyz consortium of technical universities (RKKTU) was held in Bishkek at the Kyrgyz State Technical University (KSTU).



Alexander Tarasov - the vice rector for international relations of National Research University - opens the meeting of RKKTU

At this meeting, the consortium included six leading Russian universities who wished to establish connections with the universities in Kyrgyzstan and expand the export of educational services.


Alexander Zhigadlo - the rector of SIBADI has signed an agreement to join RKKTU

In 2019, the first two students sent by KSTU to study under the joint educational program "Locomotives" have graduated from OSTU.


Regina Akchabaeva and Ualihan Sovethanuly graduates of 2019

In the following years, OSTU continues to train students and improve the skills of KSTU employees.


Participants of the 7th RKKTU meeting

As part of the anniversary events, KSTU also hosted a congress of international association of automobile and road education (MAADO), scientific and technical conferences (including videoconferencing), where OSTU reports employees were presented, and training of participants was conducted.


The MAADO conference


Congratulations to KSTU on the anniversary. Rector of KSTU Murataly Dzhamanbaev and the Head of the Department of International Relations from OSTU Alexander Tetter


Vice-President of MAADO Valentin Silyanov presents Head of the Department of International Relations Tetter a certificate of participation in the conference and a certificate of advanced training in the field of digitalization

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