The cooperation with Kyrgyz State Technical University

From October 1st to October 11th, in accordance with the cooperation agreement with the Kyrgyz state Technical University, associate Professor of the Department of transport Sergey Dresvyannikov and lecturer Ermek Kerimkulov underwent advanced training at OSTU. They learned about the history and laboratories of OSTU, took part in the preparation of a joint application for the Erasmus+ project, and delivered a lecture to Institute of Ground Transport Systems (IGTS) students on the topic of "Integration processes in the scientific, technical and educational space of the member countries of the Russian-Kyrgyz consortium of technical universities. Facets of cooperation".


Dresvyannikov and Kerimkulov at the site of operating railway equipment

Dresvyannikov and Kerimkulov in the laboratory of OSTU`s  transport safety together with Professor Tomilov


The performance in front of the students

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