The Cup of Siberia – «Friendship»

On April 13 to April 14, 2019, the Siberian Cup — Druzhba competition was held in Novosibirsk among Mongolian students that study at the Siberian Federal district universities. Six students from our University went to the competition to participate in four types of programs: basketball, volleyball, table tennis and draughts under the guidance of an associate Professor of the Department of physical education and sports» Irina Vladimirovna Pavlova.

The competition was held at the sports Palace of Novosibirsk state technical University (NSTU). It is a beautiful sports complex with two playgrounds, track and field tracks, a gym, a table tennis court, with comfortable changing rooms and seats for spectators was at the disposal of the competition participants for two days.

We must give credit to the students who can uphold the honor of their University in several sports at once. The team had an expectation of winning basketball, and for the entire year they had been preparing for this. However, sport is sport! Our team lost one point to Tomsk team , although this team won in an informal game. As a result, they got bronze medals.

In table tennis, the team was represented by a student of group 15-D  Boldbayar Myagmarsuren. He managed to take the fourth place, leaving 7 participants behind. A pleasant surprise for the team was second place at checkers won by Altanbayar Erdenebayar. A humble boy easily beat 10 opponents. It turns out that in Mongolia, except for basketball classes Erdenebayar was a member of the checkers club.

A very interesting and friendly basketball match took place on the second day of the competition between the national team of NSTU with Russian students and the team of Mongolian students, which mainly consisted of our foreign students. Of course, the tall boys of the NSTU team had an advantage over the Mongolian students, but the match was positive, which corresponded to the name of the competition Druzhba (Friendship). At the end of the event, all participants were awarded commemorative medals, shook hands and took a photo together.

These competitions were also a place for Mongolian students to meet their friends. For the first year of their life in our country, almost all students study Russian in Irkutsk, where they meet, and then go to different universities in Russia. So there were many pleasant meetings.

Founder of the Novosibirsk regional public organization "Mongolian national cultural center" "Nairamdal —  (Druzhba)» Viktor Alekseevich Petrov said that, despite everything, the OSTU team was the best. During the two days of the competition, we heard only pleasant words about the behaviour of students and their training.

On the last day of the competition, we had half a day of free time, which we spent with pleasure in the famous Novosibirsk zoo named after R. A. Shilo. We think that the impressions will last for a long time.

The team of Mongolian students is very grateful to the rector of OSTU Sergey Mikhailovich Ovcharenko for the opportunity to participate in such an event.









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