The first swallows

The striving for technological development and the desire to get ahead of time are among the main components of progress. Throughout its history, humanity has sought to create the perfect mechanism that allows you to travel long distances in moments. High-speed transport is an example of such inventions.

In order to give its students, the opportunity to become a part of this process and increase the level of acquired knowledge and skills, Omsk State Transport University has opened a laboratory for "High-speed ground transport". This laboratory is equipped with a training simulator for a high-speed electric train «Sapsan». The electric train received its brand name in honor of the sapsan falcon species.


The simulator is a life-sized cabin that has a driver's console with controls, simulated devices and displays located in the driver's workplace area, a driver's seat, a visualization system and a driver's console controller.


Evgeny Ditrich, the Minister of transport of Russian Federation

Due to planned launch of the «Lastochka» («Swallow» — rus.) electric train in Siberia, the training of new generation specialists is promising and in demand. Therefore, applicants should think about getting the specialization «High-speed ground transport» today, making a choice in favor of the future.

OSTU has the necessary resources to train highly qualified specialists who can work in the «Russian Railways» company on a new type of train.


Be among those who will perform the first flights in the cabin of the «Sapsan».

Come to an Individual open Day, where you will have a tour of the student campus, academic buildings and our modern specialized laboratories. You will be able to talk to the heads of departments and leading teachers of the University. The tour will be organized by agreement, based on the selected specialties and education programs.

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