We will definitely meet you again

OSTU started issuing diplomas to graduates of 2020. This year's celebrations have been adjusted due to the pandemic. The diplomas were delivered according to a schedule, with the necessary safety measures.

There was a ceremonial presentation of red diplomas today in the assembly hall of the Omsk State Transport University for the students with excellent academic results.

«Dear graduates! Despite such a difficult situation, we have gathered here on this beautiful day, the day you have been striving for — graduation. Throughout the entire period of education, you showed yourself as students who take their studies seriously and solve the most difficult problems, so here is the result — a red diploma with honors.

I hope that each of you understands that this is not the end of your journey. You need to constantly learn and continue to educate yourself. However, further development of new competencies will be easier for you, because you already have a solid foundation of knowledge. Many students will continue this difficult path of study, so we will definitely meet you at our University.

What would I like to wish you? There will be many difficulties and problems in life, but you don`t need to be afraid of the difficulties. Don`t give up, no matter how hard it gets. Now everything depends on you, but you are excellent specialists in your field, which we do not doubt. Don't forget that we are always happy to see you, and we are interested to know how your professional life has developed.

I congratulate you, dear graduates!» — said Sergey Ovcharenko the rector of OSTU.

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After the end of the official part, while photographing the graduates, the press center correspondent learned from the guys how their session and diploma defense went online, and what helped to achieve such undeniable heights.

Pokazachenko Vadim («World economy», was awarded with a badge «For distinction in studies»): «The study was difficult, but interesting, which is very important. Lecturer`s mentorship was also important, for example — Olga Konovalova, who helped, and sometimes forced to participate in the scientific life of the University.

Successful examination and final thesis defense passed without any difficulties. While it’s true that we weren’t physically present for our speech in front of the commission, we still discussed all the issues and topics of interest via the live video conference.»

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Krutous Arina («Advertising and public relations»): «The time we spent at the University was wonderful — a lot of academic and extracurricular activities, meeting new people who became my friends.

We passed exams and thesis statement in Zoom, not in person in front of the commission, but I was still very worried, it was scary. Nevertheless, everything went well, of course — we calmly discussed the topics of our theses and answered questions.»


We congratulate our graduates on their graduation and wish them new victories and achievements!

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