Sergeyev Roman Vladimirovich
Director of IET&PSS
Phone: +7 (3812) 31-06-57

The Institute of Electric Transport and Power Supply Systems is a strong scientific and educational association, which combines the electromechanical and the electric power engineering areas. The institute educates highly competent specialists, which are in high demand on the railways and at the industrial enterprises. The graduates of the institute are actualizing their professional skills that they obtained during their education in different areas of the national economy (railway transport, electric power engineering, electromechanics, electric machine industry).

The departments of the institute are equipped with the modern machinery. Cutting-edge devices and equipment samples facilitate high standards of education and scientific research. Our laboratory complex “Construction of contact networks, power supply lines and current collection” is unique not only in Russia, but in the world at large.

Alongside with acquiring theoretical knowledge during the study, the students also receive hands-on experience in maintenance, repairs and operation of complex electric equipment during the internship in the railway business units and the electrical energy industry companies.